Ginger tea for colds and flu

Many people complain about breathing problems during the cold and flu season. Ginger tea infusion is available for those with sore throats and clogged lungs. This infusion is made up ginger, lemon and honey. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory and has warming and comforting qualities. Lemon is excellent for breaking up phlegm and soothing pain. Honey also […]

An awakening through music and exercise

MOVEMENT AND BREATHING EXERCISES COMBINED WITH MUSIC HELP ELDERLY WITH DEMENTIA By Craig Cormack, BA, RMT I walk into my exercise class on the second floor of the residence. This is a closed unit. I greet the group with a big “hello”. The more aware of them recognize me and say “hi” back. And then there […]

Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan is a gentle and relaxing form of Chinese traditional exercise. It consists in a number of movements that exercise all of your body’s muscles and joints. It helps you restore and enhance your balance, mental functions and physical energy. With origins in ancient Chinese martial traditions (the name translates as “grand ultimate […]


Reiki is an ancient healing art that distributes energy throughout your body to enhance your natural vitality. It remedies many ailments, including stress, migraine headaches, depression, sciatica, insomnia, and numerous forms of pain. It also helps speed up recovery time from illness and injury. Reiki transfers energy from the practitioner to you through the hands. […]

Chi Kung

Chi Kung (“breath work”) is an ancient Chinese form of controlled body movement, breathing and mental concentration techniques. It is a meditative art that stills your mind and relaxes your body. Historically, Chinese Masters taught Chi Kung in conjunction with various martial arts disciplines. Stress reduction, energy mobilization, and increased stamina are just three benefits […]

Rising Tao

Rising Tao Integrative Health is an independent, Montreal-based company. We offer you a number of related services to help you achieve optimum health, fitness and well-being. Our services include private treatments and courses in: Chinese Massotherapy An ancient form of acupressure and massage also known as Tuina. Shiatsu is derived from it. Tai Chi Chinese […]