Patient heal thyself


Over many years I have been working with people trying to help them heal themselves. People have come to me with complaints of pain. Some have come with tales of lack of energy, improper digestion and other complaints. Some have even come looking for treatment who have life threatening illnesses.

I have noticed a common thread moving through all of this experience with people. The common thread is that people who do well at getting well are people who take responsibility for their healing.

As the years have passed I have had people come to me expecting that I could heal them from whatever was ailing them and I have had to let them know that I don’t heal anyone, I facilitate healing. In fact, the most important work that any client does is the work that they do between appointments.

For example, I realize that I can help lower that pain and in some cases remove pain temporarily through massotherapy. But it is necessary for that same person to be as mobile as he/she can be to facilitate circulation and healing.

As a teacher of Tai Chi and Chi Kung I have noticed that those who practice are the ones who get the health benefits of these wonderful arts.

The problem is that we live in a world of instant news, instant connection, instant gratification and this viewpoint corrupts the truth that health cannot be bottled. We all have to take the time and we have to have the discipline to make the small daily modifications to regain health if we are unwell and maintain health when we are well. The instantaneous world in which we live creates expectations that are not realistic and run counter to the truth that healing takes patience and time.

This is not to blame those who are unwell. As practitioners we need to encourage our clients to try their best daily to implement changes they need to do. This starts with encouraging people to have a positive self-image to be gentle with themselves and to love themselves where they are on their path. We must also encourage people to take small steps in the right direction including getting enough rest, exercise and eating properly.

Healing is a life-long journey. The challenges we encounter are part of all of this. The thing to remember is that no one can change us. We need to take responsibility for our own changes. The most important thing is to try to stay positive and to never give up. Don’t be afraid of asking for assistance from others but remember the power resides with you.

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