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    Rising Tao Integrative Health is an independent, Montreal-based company. We offer you a number of related services to help you achieve optimum health, fitness and well-being. Our services include private treatments and courses in: Chinese MassotherapyAn ancient form of acupressure and massage also known as Tuina. Shiatsu is derived from it. Tai ChiChinese traditional exercises […]
  • Running up against Coumadin when trying herbs for Cancer
    In my experience I have time and again run up against the reality that many people are on Coumadin to thin the blood and as a result of this they cannot used herbs that have blood thinning qualities. It is quite frustrating for Cancer patients especially since there are many herbs that are effective against […]
  • Practicing self-acupressure to build your immunity
    BY PRESSING ON CERTAIN ACUPOINTS YOU CAN STIMULATE YOUR BODY’S ENERGETIC SYSTEM By Craig Cormack Acupressure is one of the many branches of Chinese medicine. It is acupuncture without needles using finger pressure on acupoints. Usually, acupressure is received from a trained therapist. Chinese massotherapy, Shiatsu, and Thai massage incorporate acupressure in their systems. Because of the […]
    I remember discussing the differences between Western and Chinese medicine with my teacher Dr. Mario Wexu, who taught me acupressure and Tuina (Chinese Massotherapy) over 20 years ago. Mario’s father, Dr. Oscar Wexu, brought Chinese Acupuncture to Quebec in the late 1950s. The Wexu family were the famed founders of Acupuncture in North America. This […]
  • Does Chi Kung Slow the Aging Process?
    Chi Kung has been around for some 2,500 years dating back to a Persian monk named Boddhidharma, who walked the Silk path from India to China and found that the Shaolin Temple monks to be in poor health. Boddhidarma taught Chi Kung to the Shaolin monks so they could take kicks and punches without getting […]
  • A Multifaceted Integrative Approach to Mitigating the Symptoms of Lupus
    A 44-year-old female patient diagnosed with systematic lupus was treated with a combination of acupuncture, healthy diet, tuina massage (Chinese massotherapy), chi kung meditation, tai chi, supplements, and pharmaceutical medications over a 7 year period. The treatment resulted in a significant dissipation of attacks, a reduction of inflammation, improved digestion and elimination, and improved sleep […]